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Education meets Web3
DAE stands for Decentralized Autonomous Education and is an ongoing educational project merging the Web3 philosophy and applications with teaching and learning.
DAE is three things:
  1. 1.
    DAE Mod: A theoretical framework based on democratic education that anyone can learn, fork and apply in the setting they like
  2. 2.
    DAE Lab: A learning hub for Web3, Generative Art, as well as AI (forthcoming), with innovative resources and curated material to consciously learn these cutting-edge topics
  3. 3.
    DAE App: A decentralized app aimed at teaching using the DAE Mod
Notice that both the learning model and its app can be applied to learn any topic, from Web3 to medieval philosophy. They can also be applied to settings far from learning, such as the creation of an innovative political party or the management of a theater.
All DAE products (Mod, Lab, and App) are free, public and open-source. Our goal is the maximal diffusion and adoption of the learning model, with no rent extraction outside the one necessary to develop the project.
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